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Stay in touch with your customers and grow your business.

Everything you need to grow a strong relationship with your customers

Stay engaged with your customers and folow up on opportunities

Building meaningful relationships with customers grows your business like nothing else. Create meaningful partnerships with your customers and be on top of your game.

  • See what products your customers use already
  • All your communication in one spot
  • Create tasks to follow up on the right time.
  • Keep track of all your files and documents

Everything you need to keep in touch with your customers

You will be amazed to get this product with awesome features

Store all your files

Store all your files

Upload files to store with your contacts, never spend any time looking for that contract again and always have the latest version of your documents.

Always with you

Always with you

DEX CRM works perfectly on mobile browsers always have your contacts and information with you when you are out of office.


Never loose track of communication

Store all the communication with your contacts in dex crm, always find it back later. With e-mail integration coming soon that’s even easier!


People are at the centre

People are at the absolute center of dex crm, keep your contacts close and never miss their needs.


Tag, Categorize and search

Always find the right contact, search contacts by using tags, categories and full text search. Group your contacts by marketing campaigns, business branch or anything else with intuitive tagging and organization options.


Never miss a follow up

With the build in tasks system you’ll never miss a follow up with one of your important clients. Schedule sales calls with all your leads and comfortably plan your day.

Simple pricing

Pricing that works for all company sizes

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Never forgot anyone

Always have an attentive answer to all of your customers needs.

Keep track of all your communication with your customers. Schedule follow ups with the build in todo system and get the most out of all your contacts. Always know when you send out that deal and never forgot to follow up. Those are the benefits of having a system in place to streamline your sales system.

  • Schedule todo's to never forgot to follow up
  • Always have your communication in one place
  • Keep track of your pending deals

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